2 SEO Trends You Need to Study in 2016

SEOGoogle’s algorithms to determine which websites rank high on search results constantly change. This is the only way for them to deliver the most optimized results to users. As a business, it’s your duty to keep up with these trends and apply necessary updates to make sure you always stay on top of search results.

As 2016 approaches, here are two new but rapidly growing SEO trends that you must be ready for.

Dark Traffic

There’s been an increase in website traffic that doesn’t come from search engines, but from various messaging apps and social media sites. Because Google Analytics couldn’t determine the source of such traffic, they are considered as direct traffic. This is called dark traffic, and it can become more relevant in 2016. This will make it difficult for you to know which strategies work best and which don’t. To handle dark traffic, hire Minneapolis SEO companies to do a performance report and filter pages that are likely to draw visitors. What’s left will then give you an idea how much dark traffic your site is getting.

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Rich Answers

Google’s algorithms are so advanced they can now provide direct answers to some search queries from users (mostly about exchange rates, weather, and other non-propriety content). These are called rich answers, and they are found at the top of search results. This poses a problem to your site because if rich answers are enough for the users, they won’t visit your site anymore. To counter this, do a long-tail keyword research to find frequently asked questions in the industry or niche you’re in. Afterwards, create content with solid answers to these questions and more information about it.

Dark traffic and rich answers are two complicated things that are currently happening in SEO. It can be difficult to manage them at first, but it’s necessary if you want to handle your SEO strategies better and keep your online presence intact.