3 Eye-Opening Statistics for Online Marketing That You Need to Know

Online MarketingIf you have a business, you need to have a website — but it doesn’t stop there. You also need to maintain your website, which means you need to offer new content every day so people will visit. Believe it or not, online marketing is important to your business.

Soffront Software noted to consider these stats if you’re currently looking for an online marketing service provider because — in reality — it matters.

Content is king

In a 2016 survey, researchers found that company websites with active blog sections would generate 67% more leads. In a separate study, findings showed that 28% of a company’s total marketing budget would be allocated to content marketing. These days, it’s not only important that you have a website for your business. You need to generate new content to give online users reason to visit your website, otherwise, you are wasting your money on maintaining it.

Customers are looking for personalized online experiences

With new technologies, the competition is fiercer than ever. Adding to it, customers are looking (and even demanding) a more personalized experience — both online and offline. In one survey, findings showed that 80% of online users surveyed believed that a company’s e-mail etiquette was crucial in their decision to connect with a stranger (particularly, an e-mailer). In a separate finding, researchers found that 56% of customers have higher chances of purchasing from a company who offers a personalized experience.

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The shift towards mobile is getting stronger

In the past, people use their laptops and desktops to visit websites. Today, anyone with a smartphone can easily log online and visit your website. They can also make purchases with only a few clicks of a button. The shift to mobile is getting stronger with 61% of online users unlikely to visit a website again if the mobile site is problematic. What's worse than that? About 40% of them will work with your competitor if they can’t access your mobile website.

Unless you have the know-how and experience, leave online marketing to the experts. Having a website is a huge investment, especially for small business owners. So don’t waste the investment you’ve already made. Hire a professional online marketing team to make your business successful both online and offline.