3 Top Internet-Safety and Security Guidelines While Traveling Abroad

Woman Using Her Mobile PhoneAccess to the Internet is convenient when you’re traveling to another country and you want to keep in touch with your loved ones and keep track of home. Unfortunately, there’s also the risk of hacking that can put your personal information at risk when you go online using unsecured connections and networks, especially in an unfamiliar location. Good thing, there are safety measures that you can take when you go online while you’re in another country.

Connect to Secure Networks – While public connections may be free and easy to connect to, they are also preferred channels for cybercriminals. If you have to go for a public network, choose a network with Wi-Fi encryption or rent a stable but direct connection from the establishments you frequent. When browsing, choose website addresses with https:// versions rather than the plain http:// ones.

Use a Virtual Private Network – Aside from connecting to a secure network, you can also use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to protect yourself. It encrypts your connection and even lets you change your IP to that of another country. Other than keeping you safe from an online predator, you can also access websites that aren’t available in the country that you’re visiting, as well as the ability to overcome regional restrictions with certain sites. Private Tunnel warns to choose a trustworthy and secure VPN provider to ensure your security.

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Consider Using Your Own Connection – If you can afford it, get yourself your own mobile Wi-Fi hotspot or a data plan rather than endanger your privacy through a public network. At least you’ll be safer and you can go online whenever you please. If you’re usually on mobile then consider it a good investment since it also offers you convenience and safety.

Make the effort to keep yourself safe on the Internet while you travel. After all, stressing over your security should be the last thing on your mind while on a holiday. That goes double if you’re traveling because of business.