3 Ways to Protect Your Home in Your Absence

Securing Your HomeWhether you are going away from home for a few weeks or months for a holiday or work assignment, it’s important to make sure that you’ll come home without the need to deal with a break-in. It’s your responsibility to keep your home as safe and protected as possible from burglars and intruders.

North Star Home reveals some tips to help you make this happen even when you’re gone for a long time.

Ask Someone to Maintain Your Yard

A messy front yard, overgrown lawn, and piled up mailbox are things burglars look for because these means nobody is home. They consider this a great opportunity to steal some of your most expensive belongings. To prevent them from seeing your home as a primary target, hire someone to mow your lawn regularly even in your absence. You can also request a neighbor you trust to collect your mail and keep it for you until you get back.

Inform Your Security Company

Contact a notable security company that provides you with home alarm systems in Indianapolis and inform them that you will be gone for a few weeks or months, and your home will be empty. When they get information like this, they will keep a closer look at your home. They will also most likely assure you that they will see to it that no burglary happens in your absence.

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Don’t Leave Keys Carelessly

A lot of cases of burglary are due to the fact that homeowners leave spare keys hidden near their front door. If you need to leave spare keys for emergency purposes, then leave it to your nearby relative or to a neighbor you deeply trust. Don’t just leave it near the front door hidden behind the rug or pot because burglars know that’s where they normally are.

Have peace of mind that your home is safe and protected even if you’re gone for quite a long time by doing these tips.