4 Ways to Use Breadcrumb Navigation Effectively

Woman using a laptopOnline branding isn’t just about the value proposition and the message you deliver, it’s the entire picture. This includes user experience. Breadcrumb navigation, for instance, is a feature you can use to improve the navigation on your website. XXIIBrands.com and other experts on digital marketing cite some ideal practices for using it:

1. Separators Are Your Friends

Use separators to distinguish the hierarchy of pages within your website. These make it easier for visitors to browse your site and identify what they’re looking for. The signs often used are arrows, single slash, double slash, and the greater-than sign.

2. Searcher Intent

Focusing on user intent allows you to improve conversion rates and reduce bounce rate. This approach makes the breadcrumb navigation a link other than just a final page. This is the feature that many top performing e-commerce websites use. Experts suggest the following techniques to use it effectively:

  • Create a Call to Action on one of the sectional pages and incentivize it by offering discounts for products in that category.
  • Create a notification, informing users that they can talk to a customer representative through live chat.
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3. It Isn’t the Focal Point

Attention-grabbing colors and fonts defeat the purpose of using breadcrumb navigation. It shouldn’t be the first thing a user sees when browsing your pages. Keep the design simple and the size easy enough to spot. Doing so avoids distraction from the actual content of your site.

4. The Right Size

Consider the padding and sizing of the breadcrumb. Make sure there’s enough distance between the levels. If it’s too little, a user may have difficulties using it. If it’s too big, it may dominate the entire page. A general rule of thumb is that it shouldn’t be as prominent as the actual menu.

These practices improve the effectiveness of the breadcrumbs you use on your pages. Doing so also boosts user experience and has a positive effect on your brand.