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If you’re like most everybody else, then you’re probably looking for technology news and updates in a lot of different places. In a medium that’s meant to be efficient, the Internet has yet to offer users true efficiency when it comes to news and updates. That’s where I’m a Bad Blogger comes in.

I’m a Bad Blogger tracks all the latest consumer technology news, updates, and trends both in the offline and online world. We show you what’s new, what matters and why it does, and how technology can help better your life. We give you the information, insights, tools, and advice that will help you stay informed, help you decide what to buy, and help you know how to get the most out of the tech in your life.

We’re a thriving community of online users and tech experts who are looking to answer the unanswerable questions about technology (or at least we try to). We dig deep into the depths of technological knowledge, searching for the most valuable insights, opinions, and other related information to provide you with content you’ll love.

Simply put, we’re your go-to site for serious tech needs, dedicated to obsessively breaking tech news, reviewing new products, and providing our expert opinions.

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