Back to Basics: Simple, No-Nonsense Ways to Boost Online Sales

Team discussing business marketingMany e-commerce sites get tons of traffic and have high rankings in search engines, but have significantly low conversion rates. There could be various reasons for this, and you could have two e-commerce sites selling the same products with the same prices and get different results from them due to issues with trust and navigation. So what should you do? Go back to the basics.

Improve the Navigation of your Website

User-friendly is crucial — think consistent, professional, clear, and simple. Ensure that all elements are intuitive, such as using obvious headings for different sections and reminding users where they are at all times. Make sure you incorporate a strong call-to-action (CTA) to encourage people to convert.

Creative agencies in Provo suggest that you also need to reduce the number of clicks a user has to make from the landing page leading to the checkout. Being quick and easy is the key. This means not requiring users to make an account just to purchase something.

Build and Reinforce Trust

Online businesses don’t have face-to-face contacts with their customers, so they need to look for more creative ways to build trust with their customers. You need to obtain relevant and trustworthy accreditations, including trade body and association memberships.

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Connect with local business groups to communicate to customers that you’re an active part of your local community. Post case studies, testimonials, and endorsements on your site to lend a human element on your website. In addition, security is vital to trust. You have displayed your payment providers, as well as your VeriSign SSL certificate and Verified by Visa sign, if you have them.

Be Upfront About “Extras”

Always be clear about shipping costs and extra fees. Dedicate a page for FAQs and make certain that your customers could contact you easily if they have queries, especially if they have issues with your service. During the purchasing process, aim to reduce the personal details your customers need to give and make sure to explain why you’re asking.

Sure, there are other ways you could use for improving your e-commerce site, but as it is with most things in this world, simple is sometimes better. While these basic guidelines aren’t new at all, they’re tried and tested. Most, if not all, would help you increase your bottom line. A bonus — they’re also really easy to implement.

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