Britain Makes Up for Renewable Energy Struggle

solar energy panel installationDid you ever think about shifting to renewable energy? While there are various resources for that, one of the most popular choices is sunlight. If you want to cut your electricity bills and your carbon footprint, as well as receive payment for the electricity you generate or sell it back to the grid, then a solar photovoltaic (PV) system is the way to go.

Switching to Solar Power

Before you call a certified solar PV installer in your area and make the switch, there are some things you need to know about solar power.

Chris Goodall, a climate change expert and author of The Switch, points out that ‘the combination of cheap solar photovoltaic and inexpensive batteries will be a global winner’, especially that there has been a significant decrease in the cost of PV solar while technology continues to improve.

Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation’s Tony Seba also stated the same. He said there would be an influx of PV, batteries and electric vehicles, which are currently facing a massive boom in the automotive industry.

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Solar-Powered Trains

Recently, the rail industry has made an ambitious leap towards the path of decarbonisation. The Imperial College of London alongside 10:10, a climate charity, came up with the world-first investigation on the possibility of connecting solar panels onto train tracks following the UK network. This possibility is a momentous moment for both the rail industry and the renewable energy sector, with which the UK has been a constant struggle.

You too can make a change when it comes to energy sources. If you wish to shift into using a more environmentally friendly alternative, then solar is the way to go. Though you do not get much sun in the UK, you can get the best out of it because of photovoltaic cells. It is still a long-term supply energy solution, which can sustain the planet’s long-term demands.