Cleaning Your Website: Bad Links and Bad Content

Cleaning UpMaintaining your website is hard work, and it does not just involve the making sure the content you upload has good grammar and reliable sources. If you have been optimizing your website then you know that it is Moz that help boost your site’s ranking.

Google, however, constantly updates and improves its web searching and that means that that the links you used before may not be as reliable in the next update. When this happens, your website’s ranking might fall.

Knowing the bad link

Link cleaning services, such as define these bad links as any link that Google flags as the product of ‘unnatural link building tactics’. By their definition, this is heavy spamming, but it also flags links that come from untrusted websites.

Untrusted websites are those with outdated content, come from low quality and spam websites, or part of old directories with dead-end links. Links that are not related to your website at all also fall under untrusted websites. Additionally, you should also be wary of suspicious websites that have security and malware warnings. Backlinks to these can turn toxic and cause your site’s ranking to fall.

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If you fear that your website is getting flagged due to toxic links, you cannot simply get rid of them one by one, especially if you have a big website. You can find many tools on the web that you can use to identify if your links are bad. In addition, many online services are dedicated to getting rid of bad links and ensure that your site’s rankings do not get negatively affected.

Fresh content

Checking that Search Engine Journal is less complicated than checking for bad links but this is also important, especially if you have a blog. Just like with your links, you should always make sure that the information you are gathering are from websites with authority on the matter. If you are blogging about business, you cannot simply take information from another blog or a websites with unreliable

information. You may also lose ranking if your visitors see that your content is not accurate or out of date.

Having a website is a huge responsibility and regularly maintaining it is important to keep up with the fast-paced world of the Internet.

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