Content is Still King: Content Types to Use for Your Online Campaign

woman looking at the concept for website layout

Whether you are running a banner ad or social media campaign, advertising online can be tricky, especially with the fast stream of trends. If you do not pay attentively to what is happening, you will be left behind. Regardless, you need to make sure that your campaign will be timeless and relevant.

And one way to do that is by using content. Content is for your audience’s consumption, so it should be designed to entertain, educate, and help. But your content plan should not just be static. It should be a mix of all things interested. Here are the types of content you can use for your online campaigns, as recommended by, a leading online advertising company.

How-to-Videos or Shorts

As you aim to educate and to entertain, a series of how-to videos or static posts will surely be useful. If you are running a furniture company, tips on how to make a space look bigger or how to host a brunch will surely be useful for your audience. If you have a budget to spare, a simple short film or ad is your best bet when it comes to entertaining them.

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Who does not love memes? Memes are evergreen content that will always make your audience smile. Choose the ones that are wholesome and related to the brand. Be careful when it comes to the assets you will use, such as movie scenes or celebrity faces. Better yet, create your own!

User-Generated Content

An audience-centric content piece should be part of your mix. Audiences love being featured and lauded by the brand they are using. Such features will also inspire others to take pictures of your products as they are being used or how such items have become a meaningful part of their lives.

These are only some of the types of content to use for your online marketing campaign. You need to brainstorm with your team about the themes and direction of the campaign to make solid and relatable executions.