How to Determine if a Website is the Real Deal

InternetThere’s no telling what people can get over the Internet, the art of advertising has spread to the common folk, and they’re using every trick in the book to make a fast dollar. Fortunately, there are Internet tools that help the otherwise gullible from making a bad online purchase. But, the forces of evil seldom rest, and are creating tools that dupe direct buyers into making wrong decisions.

Internet Mushrooms

The first thing you need to know about bad tools is that there aren’t many of them; they only look that way because they jump from one form to another. This is because all it takes is one person to spread the word and everyone will stay away from a reported bad tool.

The people behind such frauds know that for a fact, which is why they bolt out of the tool and create another one after successfully making a ‘bad deal’. Such sites will inevitably have similarities with each other, and these are what you need to look for before you even begin considering a deal.

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Digital Amnesia

We’ll use real property sites as an example, specifically

The first thing a fraud site is careful not to include is company history. This is because the more information they give about their ‘past’ the easier it is for people to do a background check. This particular site checks out in this regard, because they boast being in business since 1989,and have a bunch of awards listed as part of their accomplishments over the last twenty-six years. Awards are always a good sign, since a simple Google search should be able to confirm them. In addition, accolades also provide a quick peek at the kind of company behind the site.

Out of Business

The second sign buyers should look for is recent business; some sites claim to have a history of excellence, but don’t have any sales in the past few months. This should immediately raise a red flag regarding the company’s performance, if not for the legitimacy of the site. Something is definitely wrong somewhere if a company fails to make even a single sale in more than a few weeks.

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These are couple of simple things that legitimate companies don’t think twice about including, but make all the difference for buyers trying to navigate the strange and dangerous roads of the Internet.