Digital Marketing Trends for the Legal Sector

Lawyer and businesswoman on a marketing meetingAs competition becomes stiffer due to more sophisticated and advanced digital marketing techniques, it is all the more essential for law firms to up their game. Below are some trends likely to play a large role on how those in the legal sector will market their services moving forward.

Law firms will get more creative when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO marketing for lawyers will become even more important as more law firms employ search engine marketing in their outreach strategy. With solo practices gaining more visibility due to new digital marketing techniques, firms have to come up with creative ways to optimize their websites and outrank their competition with better keywords. Paid clicks are quite expensive for the field (around $200, according to Search Engine Land), which only makes sense for law firms to beef up their organic SEO campaigns and content marketing strategy.

Legal professionals and businesses will develop a more open and engaging brand voice.

Unlike other industries, the legal field is a tedious one, with its legalese and jargon. Yet demand for legal services is constant, and many individuals require the services of attorneys whether to represent them in a divorce proceeding or close a business deal.

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To become more accessible to various audiences, legal firms will endeavor to speak with their customers in a warmer, more personal tone whether via blog posts or social media. Many companies in the field have already emerged triumphant with this strategy.

Law firms will begin to see the benefits of videos.

Law firms will also start to see the value of using videos to widen their reach. The “talking head” is still one of the most attention-catching strategies in video marketing, and companies can use this to introduce their brand to potential clients or share free knowledge on law concepts as well as case studies. Perhaps the most important of all is the use of videos to talk about the advantages of tapping their firm and drive customers to reach in for their phone or tablets to book an appointment.