Effective PPC Strategies for Your Local Marketing Efforts

Man using laptopPay-per-click or PPC marketing is currently among the best performing online marketing platforms. Starting and running a successful PPC campaign in today’s cutthroat competition sphere, however, is complicated and challenging. There are various types of PPC campaigns you can choose.

Among the best performing but often underutilized areas to invest for PPC services is local marketing. This aims to sell your services and products in your business’ locality. Experts from creativomedia.com share some strategies that can help you reach your local market more effectively.

Key in Your Campaign Settings

Among the often overlooked yet crucial settings in a PPC campaign is “networks.” There are two categories of network setting—search and display. Search network is the ideal setting for text-based PPC ads while display network is used for image-based ads. “Location” is also an important setting since it allows you to define the geographic scope you wish to reach in your campaign.

Leverage Ad Extensions

PPC ad extensions are free methods of improving your ad’s visibility and relevance. The best ones you can select for local marketing include site link, call, review, promotion and callout extensions. Google shows ad extensions based on their bid, how they are set up and the keyword queries. You should set these ad extensions correctly and bid high enough so that they work for your campaign.

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Invest in Continuous Optimization

Setting up local PPC campaigns is only the first step. Your campaign’s success hinges on constant improvement. Search terms, ad split testing, and bid adjustments are some of the features you should use to fine-tune your campaign and remain relevant.

Your local market is a crucial determinant of your company’s success. Compared to other online marketing strategies, local PPC marketing might take some time to actualize profits. With the above strategies and the right team of PPC experts, however, you can rest assured the ROI will be worth the wait.