Fascinate Your Audience: Why Fresh Content Still Matters

ContentThe many technological advances in mobile devices and search engine algorithms have affected the online marketing landscape. Despite these changes, content, in any form, remains at the forefront of any strategy that improves and maintains online presence.

The content of your website and its pages is not just about catchy headlines. These are important, but the body and delivery bear more weight. As search algorithms evolve, so should the content you post on your blog or webpages. Simply writing articles or posts is not enough to attract attention, as everybody else in your industry is probably doing the same. There are different types of content that pique the interest of your target market.

Opinion Post

Companies that provide online writing services, like PayPerContent.net cite that opinion posts offer something new to their intended audience. This type of content sets itself apart from usual blogs because of its tone and more expressive approach. As the cliché goes, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. The more vehement or scathing an opinion is, the likelier viewers will share or like it.

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You don’t have to be negative in your post, providing positive remarks when they are due also makes for share worthy content.


With shorter attention spans, faster Internet and easier access to information, online marketers must turn to videos to fascinate their audience.

Videos provide everything your market needs in a concise manner. It summarizes everything about your product or services in 5 minutes or less. Browsing pages and reading articles take time and effort. With a video, users just push play and let it do the talking. The content and descriptions on the video are still important. Formulate a script and use keywords that reach your target market and improve your search rank.


Podcasts are a great form of content that lets you reach your audience, and they are also easy to create. You have an opportunity to reach a wider following because a lot of people listen to a podcast on their way to work or home or even while exercising.

Share information about your latest podcast through your social media accounts. Provide overviews about the topics and publish a transcript to add SEO value to your website.

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Fresh content is still at the heart of any online marketing campaign, as it adds value to user experience and improves search ranking.