Find the Perfect Picture for Your Website with These Hacks

web design concept with space for imagesThere are different ways to improve your website, and one of them is to choose the right images to publish. As the cliché goes, a picture paints a thousand words. The photos you put on a page work together with the other types of content on your website. Choosing the appropriate ones provides you with a number of advantages.

Experts on graphic design, like Red Rider Creative from Utah, cite the following ways to find the perfect picture for your pages.

Customization is the Key

If you want to distinguish your site from the rest, customization is the ideal option. Customizing requires effort and creativity. Brainstorm with your team to determine which colors, looks, background and others that create powerful associations with your company. Doing so allows you to be at the top of mind of your intended audience.

Brand Identity

Choose an image that has strong connections to your brand identity. The latter is important to your site’s success because it boosts awareness and builds trust with your target market. This association also improves conversion rates and directly tells visitors what you do, what you sell and your value proposition.

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Images as Metaphor

This strategy can be a big success or may backfire; metaphorical images can create strong links with your brand and your target audience. These may carry the value proposition, brand message or the values of your company. The biggest challenge is that some metaphors do not translate to other cultures, which means you might have to choose another image if you expand your market.

An Emotional Message

Emotions such as happiness, excitement, love and others elicit a response from those that see them. Look for images that display these to create an association with positive feelings and your brand or the action you want a visitor to take.

The right image for your web pages improves its conversion rates, boosts brand awareness and identity, and allows you to connect with visitors. Implement these hacks to find the perfect picture for your website.