Foundations Of An Effective And Modern Web Design

Businessman Working On A DesktopYour website isn’t just where you put your products and services for display. It is a way to reach out to your audience, convey a message to them and build a strong brand identity that sets you apart.

Experts on website design from Utah offer the following tips on how you can make your site connect with your audience and improve your conversion rate.

Keep it Simple

Multimedia features may seem impressive, but if done improperly, will only lead to confusion. Badly placed graphics will clutter your site and send confusing messages. Don't make your content reliant on fancy features. Your audience is smart enough to see through the lights and sounds. If your graphics are too distracting, your audience might get frustrated and leave.

Keep your site simple and easy to use. This doesn't mean making your site plain and boring. Use whatever design features you have effectively. Use white space to emphasize certain sections and pieces of content. Use contrast and color accents to draw your reader's attention. Make your call-to-action buttons easy to identify and click. Doing so boosts your conversion rate and makes for a smooth user experience.

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Easy to Navigate

A smooth navigation experience is a must for any site. A visitor doesn’t want to waste time looking for hyperlinks, buttons and the like; if they can’t find it, they leave. Make use of visual cues such as arrows, images of people pointing or using their eyes, containers and other similar tools. Don’t forget to use sticky menus as well. These allow a visitor to click on a tab they want to go to instead of scrolling all the way back up the entire page.

Targeted and Varied Forms of Content

Content is the meat of your site. Calibrate the language you use to appeal to your target demographic. Aside from text, you can add videos, podcasts, infographics and more to entice your audience and maintain their attention.

Remember, good user experiences translate to better conversion rates. By keeping the needs of the user in mind, you'll be able to build a site that they'd want to come back to again and again.