Fun Web Design Elements to Enhance Your Browsing Experience This 2018

Different devices displaying same websiteIn today’s fast-paced world, trends in web design are also quick to change. Compared to its traditional print forbearers, this digital medium faces more challenges when it comes to creating a clear, user-friendly, and attractive interface.

In 2017, mobile usage has taken over desktop browsing, compelling web designers to adapt to mobile functionality while keeping desktops relevant. With all that in mind, web design expert shares more features that will change the way people present websites this 2018.


Vibrant Colour Schemes

Gone are the days of dull and web-safe hues because this year, expect to see your favourite websites take on a bolder approach to their colour schemes. Vibrant shades and supersaturation combined with reimagined hard angles and slashes will be at the forefront of modern web design.

Technological advances in devices and monitors have allowed screens to reproduce richer palettes. New brands can use the clashing shades to attract their guest’s attention instantly.


Depth and Drop Shadows

Shadows have always been a staple in web design, but this year you are sure to see new and exciting variations. Parallax layouts and grids create the illusion of depth and a world beyond the screen. This is an upgrade from the flat design that was popular in the past years.

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Integrated Animations

This year, developments in browsing technology open more ways to engage users and enhance their experience on the page. You can integrate animations directly into the page to help each visitor throughout their browsing.

For instance, the site can feature an interesting hover effect from a link or a motion while the page is loading. It can also work on navigation, scrolling, or as the focal point of the entire site.


Between bold gradients and entertaining animations, 2018 is proving to be a fun year for web design. Still, we are looking forward to more ways to push the boundaries of desktop and mobile browsing.