Get in Touch: Engaging Your Customers Online

Social media websitesBusinesses that are just starting on social media look at their platforms as an information hub. They use it as a repository of news about their brands and the discounts and promos that customers may take some interest in.

While there is nothing wrong with that, it is crucial that you know your social media pages are more than just a news page. Social media is about engaging your customers. And through engagement, you build trust and eventually a harmonious relationship with them.

Engagement activities will also render your brand personable – making it sound like a friend rather than a business. Here are some engagement ideas that even internet marketing agencies in Massachusetts such as New Perspective will approve.

Run some contests

Contests are a surefire way to encourage your customers to visit your page and engage with you. When it comes to this, you have to allocate some budget for the “carrot” or the prize. The prizes can be a free product or service, discounts, or something premium, such as tickets to concerts or whatnot.

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Just make sure your games and promos are creative.

Go for memes!

Do you really want to make your brand relatable? Go for memes! Everybody loves memes, so there is a great chance that your customers will like them, too. Just make sure that the memes you will produce are wholesome and brand-related.

Just be wary of some memes that have copyright issues to deal with, such as movie scenes and GIFs.

Feature your customers

Another great way of engaging your customers is by encouraging them to post their experiences with your products. Announce that you can feature some customers every week. Publicity can be flattering for your customers. That way, your customers become your brand advocates.

These are just some of the things to keep in mind if you want to engage your customers online. Plan your courses of action with your in-house marketing team or even your partner advertising agency.