Get More Participants: Improving Survey Response Rates

Survey ParticipationThe popularity of surveys is increasing as more companies use them to gather measurable and accurate information about their clients, employees, customers and suppliers. The data gathered can, in turn, be used to address business problems and design plans for the future.

Low response rates, which occur when people refuse or are ineligible to partake in a survey, may bias the survey results as it does not provide a true random respondent sample. In addition, any inferences drawn from the collected, unrepresentative data may negatively affect any product, service or organisational changes.

To improve response rates, MyView recommends companies get a representative sample of their target audience to participate in the survey. Here are strategies that can help companies to achieve this goal:

Choose the Right Survey Length for the Audience

A long survey inhibits respondents because it takes more time to complete. Respondents may fill out the surveys partially or refuse to answer them outright. Thus, surveys should be kept as short as possible; ideally no more than 15 minutes.

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Make the Survey Easy to Answer

A well-designed, attractive survey is one of the easiest ways to improve response rate. The questions should be short and direct to the point as well. Furthermore, the survey should only contain a limited number of questions.

Contact Respondents Multiple Times

To benefit from this technique, companies should send a pre-notification message, followed by a copy of the survey including a personalised cover message. Non-respondents should be contacted using a combination of surveys and messages.

To produce useful and accurate results, a survey needs to have a good response rate. Companies need to focus on getting the best response rate as possible in order to find answers to product and service issues, as well as develop better output that their target market will appreciate.