Google’s Much-Awaited Mobile Algorithm Update: How Businesses Can Stay Friendly

GoogleIs your site ready for Google’s next major algorithm update?

Don’t lose your search engine ranking by keeping your business website up to date. This month, the search engine giant will roll out its much-anticipated mobile-friendly algorithm. If you think it does not hold importance, think again. People in the industry claim that the update can significantly affect a website ‘s ranking in mobile search results.

Many rumors are already flying, which prompted concerns as to whether Google’s move can harm website performance. As time is ticking, you need to know what course of action to take. Read on to know how your website can stay friendly.

Audit and Analyze

In a nutshell, Google’s upcoming update can affect your web traffic and sales. So if your website has a poor mobile experience, it will fail on the company’s mobile-friendly test. To get your site in order, it’s paramount to conduct an extensive audit. Use Google’s mobile friendliness tool to analyze a URL and figure out if the page has a mobile-friendly design. Apart from knowing the impacts of the results, it can also provide recommendations for areas to fix.

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Do the Necessary Changes

Determine how responsive your site is. What Googleis trying to say is that being mobile-ready means mobile-friendly. Simple as that. Start optimizing your website that will cater to the needs of mobile customers. Think about the possible actions of site visitors. Doing this will not only help you reach your target market, it can also prove to Google spiders that your site is a well-optimized mobile website.

As Denver’s leading digital marketing firm, C1 Partners, puts it: “Can your visitor find what they’re looking for in just three clicks? Is it trouble-free to navigate? Do your pages load fast? Are your icons easy to tap? Is it pleasing to the eye? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself to know if your site fulfills its purpose.”

Monitor Mobile Rankings

Track your website’s mobile ranking across different devices, such as tablet, smartphone or desktop computer. This will measure results at a page level. Those sites that are mobile-aware can experience a boost in traffic.

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Keep these tips in mind, so you can get ready for the biggest Google algorithm update. With the launch fast approaching, you need to arm yourself with the right techniques.