Graphic Design of 2016: A Look into Growing Styles

Graphic DesignGraphic design, just like other forms of art, depends on trends. People’s taste for art are always evolving and changing. The evolution of tastes, however, does not always go in one direction. Sometimes, a look back into old styles can be regarded as trendy years later. A careful mix of modern styles and old school aesthetics keep the art moving forward. This is why for business, you will need a good Sydney graphic design studio that is aware of these growing trends.

This year opened up to many different trends when it comes to designing websites and advertising materials. To get into the look of this year, you might want to incorporate these styles.

The Modern Retro

Technology has developed so fast within a span of two decades. The things that you enjoyed as children are now considered nostalgic. They bring out the same feel good emotions you may have had when you enjoyed them as a kid. Pixel art lifted from the 90s when the quality of graphics was still not high definition is the new trend to get on. With recent developments in film and television, the modern retro feel gives off that nerdy vibe when presented against newer technological platforms.

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Negative Space

The careful balance between elements and the space around them makes for a visually appealing look. While bold and loud designs are still effective, the clever use of negative space is sure to catch everyone’s attention. The use of negative space does not only make your designs much cleaner. It can also allows you to create a different perspective for your design. Sometimes, the negative space left by your main element can also show a different picture. It encourages people to look closely at your design.

Take these styles into consideration when designing your website or marketing materials. They are sure to attract this generation’s art sensibilities.