Here are Reasons Vertical Search is a Game Changer

Photo of search engine result page on a laptopYou’ll need a well thought and targeted approach in today’s online marketing positioning. Vertical search engines provide you with this opportunity. Denver-based SEO experts cite the following advantages of using this platform.

Shows high intent

When a user inputs phrases into a vertical search engine, they have a specific intention. They are looking for certain details about a service, product, place, or anything that answers their query. This also means they are further down the purchasing funnel; they just need a bit more convincing to make a purchase or do a particular act.

This provides you with many opportunities to convert visitors because of their intentions at the onset of their search. Customizing pages based on intent and content enables you to boost conversion rates or at least give you the chance to remarket if they don’t make a purchase.

Built-in relevance

Vertical search engines already have a particular niche and industry of relevance. The people that use them know what they want and what they intend to look for. This high relevancy gives you the chance to strengthen your brand identity and ranking of specific pages of your website. You no longer have to worry about someone who has no intention of buying or knows nothing about your brand when they see your ads. Those who need to see it will see it; sunk costs are not going to be a problem anymore.

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Data focused

Companies that can make winning strategies are those that can determine and reach out to the right audience. This is possible through the gathering and analyzing of data. Vertical search engines provide you with structured information like intention, age, gender, and others. This enables you to formulate a targeted advertising campaign. Sites such as Amazon leverage this by sending returning customers pages with similar items bought in their latest transaction.

Vertical search engines provide you with clear advantages; knowing how to use this platform enables you to gain the upper hand in your niche. Create a marketing campaign that uses this type of engine to convert at a higher rate.