Here are Three Website Stats You Need to Track

Website Stats You Need to MonitorSo you have a website. That’s great. Now, what? Building a website doesn’t stop. In fact, when people say they built a website, it simply means they built the foundation. Having a website is a continuous process of tracking and updating and optimizing it. The purpose of having a website is not simply displaying your products and/or services or your company history. The goal of having a website is to convert online users into customers when they land on your website through various channels.

Now that you have a website, what are the website statistics that you need to track in order to gauge its strengths, weaknesses and shortcomings? Make a great first impression by building a professional-looking website and hiring a digital marketing service provider, says WebSuitable

Here are the most important KPIs you need to be tracking: 

  • Website traffic sources. How do people discover your website? From social networking sites, blogs, search engine results or other websites? Knowing the website traffic sources will help you come up with better-structured campaigns to increase your traffic.
  • The number of daily visitors. If you currently have social media campaigns or pay-per-click ads, measuring your daily website visitors is important to gauge if your digital marketing efforts are working. You also need to measure the number of unique visitors who visit your site. Unique visitors are the new visitors who discover your site every day. Your page views can be high but if your unique visitors are low, this means that you’ve not made new leads and your SEO might need restructuring.
  • How long your visitor stays on your website. The goal is to convert online users into customers and they can’t do that if they spend less than 30 seconds on your website. When measuring the length of stay, you also need to pinpoint which pages they visit and how long they stay there. Data from the KPI will help you improve website copy, design, navigation and even promotions.
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Hire the Experts

Online users know an amateur-built website when they see one. Remember, today’s customers search online first before making a purchase. If they can’t find you online, you are losing more customers than you know. If they do find you but your website looks like a high school project, that’s one impression you don’t want to make.