Here’s How to Create Landing Pages That Actually Work

landing page shown on laptopIn a highly competitive online business landscape, you’ll need to take advantage of every tool and practice in your industry.

One of the ways to gain leverage is to create landing pages. It allows you to improve conversion rates because website visitors are already looking for a specific product, service or a particular piece of information.

Creative advertising agencies in Jupiter, FL, cite the following practices you can implement to use landing pages fully.

Make it long

A landing page that focuses on creating leads or sign-ups is effective when the text is at least 500 words. The more words, the better (1,000–2,000 words).

Factor in the objective of the page you create as it will determine the ideal length of the content. Do you want to educate a visitor about your brand or are you selling them a particular product? You might need to elaborate the specifications or add more information to convince a visitor to purchase.

Set a conversion path

Your marketing team needs to have a clear plan and path for conversion before creating the page. Begin with the information that a targeted visitor wants to know to push them further down the sales funnel or at least act in the way you want them to.

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Map out the layout that walks visitors through the page and to the button or action for conversion. Use appropriate content such as videos, pictures, text or others to get the results you desire.

Focus on a topic

When you create a landing page, choose a focused topic. This allows you to provide detailed information that increases the likelihood of conversion. This strengthens branding and identity, which creates strong associations with your company.

If you put too many topics on a page, you might confuse visitors and distract them from taking the action you want.

These are some of the practices you can implement whenever you create landing pages. The latter are effective tools for marketing and converting visitors.