Here’s Why People Do Not Love Your Website

Person browsing website on mobile and laptopIf your website doesn’t get consistent visits or engagement, there are good reasons for it. People look for information online almost all the time. If they run into a sub-par website, chances are they’ll abandon it, even if it has what they need. It’s all about first impressions for a site to be successful these days.

You may need professional web design services in Alexandria, Minnesota if your website suffers from one or all of these problems.

Slow Loading

People hate slow-loading websites. One can’t begin to fathom how much. Roughly 40 percent of visitors leave a site if it doesn’t load in 3 seconds or less. Understand that people live fast-paced lives in this digital age.

They don’t have time to wait for what they need or want. If they want something, they have to get it instantly. Experts also believe in something called the 59-second rule. It’s simple: if the website doesn’t generate enough interest within a minute, it’s useless.

Perhaps this is the longest people will wait on. Either way, a website should load fast enough to keep people hooked. Professional web designers can help with this by making the site’s infrastructure more responsive to spikes in traffic.

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Broken Links, Incomplete Information

Information is what users want from a website. Broken links give them nothing and waste their time. As soon as they click on the links, it better lead to something useful for them. One way to prevent this is to keep from moving the site’s files around once they’re placed.

A rework of the layout is the web design provider’s main responsibility, so keep this in mind.

Not Mobile-Friendly

Folks love their mobile phones. They do almost everything in it, including browsing the web. A website that performs poorly on mobile screens is a huge problem. As of 2015, an average of 2 billion people browsed the Internet on mobile. That’s roughly 60 percent of all web traffic.

Optimizing websites for mobile displays is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

There you go. There are other reasons, but these three are the most common.