How to Build a WordPress Website

wordpress on the laptop screenPlanning is crucial when it comes to building and designing WordPress websites. To create the most user-friendly and functional WordPress website, you have to know your goals and build your website with those goals in mind. Then you have to establish the colours, elements, typography, and all the other things that come with developing a website. Start with these basic tips:

1. Make sure that your WordPress website is responsive.

You need to ensure that your website is device-oriented and that it is compatible with various screen sizes—mobile phones, PCs, tablets, etc. We are living in a digital world, so your website should be easy to use across all mobile devices.

2. Choose typography that enhances your brand.

The fonts that you use should embody your brand and message. Is your brand or message understated and subtle? Your chosen typeface should be easy to read, such as sans serif, which is the most commonly used font online.

3. Pick colours that reflect your brand.

Opt for colours that represent your brand. Just look at McDonald’s with their red and yellow colour scheme and IBM with their blue logo. If you are not 100% sure of your brand and business logo yet, or if you are just playing around with grayscale and white, consider looking at pre-made colour schemes online or creating one for your website theme.

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4. Do not neglect web design trends.

You do not necessarily have to incorporate every web design trend, but you have to include some if you want your website to look current. Material design is one such trend, and it offers a seamless and user-friendly design perfect for mobile devices. Another one is parallax scrolling that aids users in browsing web pages more quickly. Just do not forget the basics—no overcrowding, put clear and crisp images, optimise white space, etc. Keep in mind that a graphic with dark colours or elements against a dark background is a no-no. Similarly, pastel or light colours will not work well against a light background.

These are just the basic tips you should consider when building a WordPress website. By starting with these tips, you would have a deeper understanding of how to build a WordPress website that is user-friendly and beneficial for your business.