How You Can Use Social Media Marketing to Boost Hotel Bookings

social media button on a keyboardThe social media has indeed revolutionized the way things work in people’s lives. Everyone now is a potential reviewer of products and services via Facebook feeds and Instagram posts. A person can review a restaurant menu or service, and can get as many likes and shares, or bashes if that is the case.

The same goes for the hospitality industry. In an era of “at the moment” posts, it is now imperative for businesses like hotels and hostels to engage their social media audience (which is almost everyone, by the way) and take their services to a whole new level. You do not want to miss out on those #atm posts.

Here are some ways Internet marketing in the hospitality industry can up your game.

Promote client engagement

Let us face it, there are more people online now than ever before. About 30% of the time people spend online goes to social media interactions, some 60 percent of which is through a mobile device. You can capitalize on this fact and start engaging your audience on FB, IG, or any other social media platform.

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You can formulate your Internet marketing strategy to incorporate advertisements on your page in Facebook that you can readily promote to a targeted audience.

For example, it is a fact that traveling now has become easier and cheaper than ever. And everyone loves to travel, and these people will certainly need accommodations. Hire a reliable digital marketing agency (preferably one for hotels) to help you with your social media campaigns.

Improved customer service

You can use the various social media channels to respond to client questions. If you actively monitor comments posted on your social media pages, you can react fast and increase your conversions. People now do their hotel booking online, and it is important that you capitalize on this.

It is also important that you respond even to the negative comments. Remember, these people have been to your hotel or a restaurant in it; you should not disregard their feedback. This can greatly improve your service. If you can, offer these clients free accommodations after apologizing for any oversight.

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You can certainly drive your sales up if you boost your social media campaigns. Almost everyone is on a social media platform of some kind. Be sure to reach them and not miss out.