Main Challenges of Every SEO Reseller & Their Solutions

SEOReselling SEO services has its unique set of challenges and opportunities. You already know the rewards: you don’t need technical expertise whatsoever, can have an entire digital marketing team working for you without having a single staff on your payroll, and take home all the profits on your own.

It’s truly a rewarding endeavor to make a living, but it’s not without difficulties. Even if the problems you might encounter in this business model are relatively manageable compared to running an actual marketing firm, you ought to know the possible pitfalls to be a successful reseller.

To prepare you from the worst, learn the common dilemmas of SEO resellers and know exactly what to look for in your partner to avoid these headaches:


The truth that you’re just acting as the mediator between the web marketing company and your clients should never go in public. Your partner agency must guarantee they would never contact your clients and pirate them. You bring your partner more business; they protect your brand in return.

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Not just the SEO, but the entire digital marketing landscape is ever-changing. Knowing an agency offers a comprehensive range of solutions isn’t enough; they should at least show you how long they’ve been in the industry to gauge their resilience in this continuous transforming line of work. Their years of success is a testament that they’re tested by time and capable of making timely adjustments in their products and services.


Don’t let yourself be locked in an agreement and be forced to stay with a company you’re no longer happy with. There are agencies that let you resell SEO solutions without any obligation with the help of’s white label outsourcing providers. You should be tied with another company because of a positive relationship—and not due to a contract.

Always exercise your due diligence whenever choosing an online marketing agency to work with. Your partner’s business goals should complement yours, and not mirror them.