Making Mobile Work: The 21st Century Workforce

Mobile WorkforceTechnology is making the workplace a better place for both the clients and the company. Apart from the fast services of the internet, the mobile aspect is also a valuable asset in terms of improving everything.

For example, technology paves the way to better telecommuting. New research reveals that employees who telecommute from home are happier and more productive, but that is not the only benefit mobile offers businesses.

People are your company’s most important assets. Through a mobile workforce, you provide them with clear communication and support for maximised productivity. With the right tools, it is possible for employees to feel more connected and engaged.

Regular Communication Matters

According to JobLogic, a service management provider, whether your employees work on-site or in their homes, face-time matters. Even the best of UK’s workforce management software will fall short if you do not meet with them regularly. It is a phenomenon known as ‘proximity complacency’.

Remote workers often receive more one-on-one time with managers because the latter feel it is necessary to watch those in remote locations. Most employees appreciate talking with their managers; it establishes a stronger connection.

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By scheduling short meetings or even 10-minute calls, direct communication moves the company forward as a solid unit.

Video Conferencing

Another way to establish stronger connections is through video conferencing. This virtual solution for face-to-face meetings enables remote employees and employers to meet, despite the distance. It also promotes a high level of engagement, which makes distractions nearly impossible. Since the person on the other end is your sole focus, they have all your attention.

Video conferencing is also possible with today’s smartphones. Some tools integrate easily with mobile management platforms — giving you more ways to communicate on a shared platform.

The mobile workforce is all about effective communication. It might appear as complicated, but when done right, it might present a minefield of opportunities for both the company and its employees.