Protect Your Home From Burglary

CCTV on the look outStatistics indicate that two million homes are broken into every year in the U.S leading to the loss of millions of dollars. The good news is that most burglaries are preventable. The following are five of the most effective ways to prevent a burglary in your home.

Install security cameras

Studies show that CCTV cameras are effective in reducing theft or other crimes. The fear of being caught on camera is enough to deter a burglar from breaking into a house. RAM Systems Integration, LLC advises homeowners to have cameras at strategic points inside and outside the house in such a way that they avoid blind spots. Security cameras can be bought in Atlanta and can be installed by professionals at little cost.

Reinforce your front door

If your doors are flimsy, you are living at the mercy of burglars. It turns out that a lot of effort should be made to secure the front door. The most common entry point for burglars is the front door. Metal or solid wood doors are sturdier and will give you peace of mind. However, the lock is a door’s weakest point. Aging locks are easy to pick; replace them with good quality ones, especially dead bolt locks.

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Secure your windows

After the front door, windows are the second most common entry point for burglars. Many people forget to lock windows or have simple latches that are easy to force open. Install secondary locking devices or add reinforcement such as grills.

Don’t announce your valuables

Burglars usually do their homework before they break in. Install window blinds or hang drapes to prevent outsiders from peeping into your house. Also do not dispose of evidence of expensive purchases carelessly. Receipts and boxes of valuables such as expensive TVs or computers are enough to tell people what to expect inside your house.

Be friendly to the neighbors

According to statistics from the FBI, there are twice as many burglaries during the day than during the night. For many, this means that you are likely to suffer household theft during the day. If you are a friendly person, your neighbor who notices something suspicious around your home will notify you or call the police.

These measures can no doubt reduce the chances that your home will be burgled. However, securing your home should be a continuous process, and it pays to prepare for such situations.

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