Reliable Tank Care and Repair: API 653 Reconstruction and Inspection

Ground Storage TanksStainless steel and welded carbon tanks vary in size, however regardless of the size, a tank should meet various needs and specifications. Above ground storage tanks can be used for petroleum, fertilizer, and water and food production. Superior quality tanks are made using quality materials, high welding standards, precision equipment and in adherence to API specifications. Experienced tank service providers help erect a quality above- ground storage tank, maintain an existing tank and also rebuild a tank.


A tank or a liner could need cleaning prior to API-653 inspection or at the end of a rainy season. Product residue after a complete tank drain can damage your liner and tank. Depending on the amount and type of residue present, tank services providers can develop a cleaning plan and undertake to clean within a stated duration. Cleaning your storage tank liner requires hiring crews that have certifications and the expertise to safely clean any tank using the right choice of chemicals and the appropriate cleaning method.


Tank repair needs could range from fixing a small leak, getting new tank floor to a tank liner retrofit. Getting your tank back in service could need hiring a team that will repair according to API-650 and API-653 specifications. A competent tank services provider investigates a tank problem and will not only inform you of the options available but also advise you on the best option.

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Experienced tank inspectors perform visual tank examination, ultrasonic thickness tests, and a settlement survey. In case any part of the tank requires repair, the tank inspector marks the part and upon the completion of an inspection, you will get a preliminary report. Post inspection, tank services providers provide a report which has recommendations for necessary repairs and also tank data and conclusions. The final inspection report can be used for license renewal or getting a tank permit.

The American Petroleum Institute developed API 653 tank reconstruction standard, which also covers the inspection, alteration, and repair of aboveground storage tanks. Hiring a tank inspection company that is familiar with state inspection requirements assures you of compliance with state laws and tank longevity.