Samsung Throws Major Shade at the Apple iPhone 6

With the recent unveiling of the new iPhone 6 series and the Apple Watch, the tech wars have officially started, and the oldies are letting the new kid on the block know who’s boss.

BxHEznxIUAAswaiThe new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are different from previous iPhone models in that it features larger screens. While this is a big change for Apple, Android device manufacturers have been offering big-screen smartphones long before Apple—and they’re not shy about telling you that.


In their latest ad for the Galaxy Note 4, Samsung pointed out they have been making “phablets” since 2011. The ad also was eager to point out how the original Note was years “ahead of its time” and how it was criticized by some for its size.

Adding fuel to the fire, Samsung took a quote from the late Apple CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs where he expressed his opinions regarding bigger phones.

Jobs once said he believed that “no one is going to buy a big phone.” Samsung tweeted the quote in a photo, with an additional commentary saying “Guess who surprised themselves and changed their minds.”

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“Big improvements and innovation come with change – even they thought so. #MoreThanBig” said the tweet from the South Korean multinational conglomerate company.

Other Android gadget manufacturers that took a jab at Apple included HTC, Sony, and Microsoft.