Security+ Certification and Exams: Breaking It Down for Newcomers

Cyber SecurityOf late, associations such as the CompTIA are taking a serious interest and instituting programs to help raise awareness about the need for cybersecurity. There are programs that programmers and technicians can take to ensure that they do their job properly so that information is under tight protection.

With this, the Security+ exam and certification are in great demand.

Things a candidate should know

If you are wondering what SYO 401 and SY0 501 are, these are exam codes and the higher the number, the newer the version. Interested in the difference between sy0-401 vs sy0-501? The Security+ exam version currently in use is the SYO 401.

The 501 version has not yet been released and here is more information about the SYO 401 exam. Some of the domains covered by the course curriculum are:

  • Network Security
  • Operational and Compliance Security
  • Threat and Vulnerability Detection and Mitigation
  • Data, Host and Application Security
  • Access control
  • Identity Management
  • Cryptography

Inclusions in SYO 501

The SYO 501 course will include a lot more on Cloud Computing and IoT technologies. What makes this certification useful is that it is vendor-neutral. Studying for and passing this exam will ensure that an applicant has a good understanding of cybersecurity and related needs.

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Who can take the test?

This course is open to anyone who is working in the IT field and has at least two years of administration experience. The focus has to be on security, networks and processes. It is now mandatory for applicants to update their certification every three years for the simple reason that technology changes quite fast.

If one cannot keep up with the changes and evolving technologies, it becomes difficult to stay relevant.

You can take most of these exams without the need to attend a course. You take the exams online, and they are not very expensive. It is vital to earn continuing education credits and stay up to date with all the latest information and updates in the field.