Small Businesses and Online Ads: How to Make it Work

Ad campaign concept on a laptop screenIn this digital era, running a business means so much more than putting your company logo and services in print, television, or radio. Advertising using digital marketing techniques continues to soar and extend its reach. Thus, businesses try to use digital marketing in their business strategies. One of this is through the use of online ads. In many cities like Denver, Google Adwords has always been a popular platform for doing so. But can small businesses in Denver use it well?

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is an online ad from companies that pops out in the search engine whenever you search for something. It is found on the right side of the page with a small orange box with the word “Ad”. In the search result itself, any result that has the word “Ad” before the title is also an example of Adword advertisements. It works by having companies bid for a spot instead of waiting for their websites to reach the top result organically. It might seem like a battlefield for businesses which has money to spare, but Google tries to make it fair by also looking at the quality score of companies. The relevance of your ads as well as the number of clicks to your website is also taken into consideration.

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How can small businesses use it?

It might seem overwhelming, but Google Adwords is also for small businesses as well. The trick lies in two important things: knowing your audience and having the right keywords. Go local and target local audience. By putting yourself in the shoes of people in your community, you would be able to come up with an effective ad and eventually the right keywords. Once you have these two things, you should invest in optimizing your website. Marketing your company online is a different dimension from marketing it offline. But the right strategy would be able to help you get the results and return on investments that you want.