Stepping Up your Hotel Marketing Strategy

Man accessing a booking websiteGone are the days when going on a trip means booking a hotel for your accommodation. The rise of motels and bed and breakfast accommodation sites like Airbnb gave hotels serious competition. Not only are they priced cheaper, but they can also be accessed fairly easily— online.

To not be left behind, more and more hotels are also investing in their digital marketing campaigns. They might not be able to lower their prices, but they can certainly step up their marketing campaign in the online world.

Hotel digital marketing tips:

1. Have a strategy

A hotel digital marketing agency like Peak 14 Media can help you formulate a strategy that can help your business stand out from your competitors. Thus, it is important to find the right one you can work with. After all, you might know your hotel, but these professionals know the marketing field better than you.

2. Invest in your website

A website is like an online receptionist. You invest in an excellent receptionist to leave a good first impression on your guests. You should also invest in a good website to leave a good impression on your online prospects.

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3. Target your niche

Having a target niche is a must for every business. It is also important to know them well so you can direct your marketing strategy towards that specific group of people. This can be done by reading reviews or interacting with your guests personally.

4. Offer unique packages

Bundle up with local activities center and tourists area and give your guests a memorable stay. Most tourists only stay in the hotel to eat and recharge themselves and would rate your business depending on those criteria. Pumping up your services with inclusions can help change the game.

5. Reward loyal customers

If loyalty rewards work on coffee shops, they will work on hotels as well. Giving your customers freebies and even free accommodation after some stamps are collected is one way of encouraging them to book with you in the future.

Step up your digital marketing game and see how your hotel can make a dent in this overly competitive online world. All the best!