The Building Blocks of an SEO-Friendly Website Design

Planning of Website's DesignWhen redesigning or designing your business website, search engine optimization or SEO should be one of your areas of focus. This, however, is not a simple undertaking. Search engines are limited in their manner of crawling and understanding your site.

If they cannot crawl or understand the site, you risk being invisible to the search engines. There are some essential elements a company specializing in web design and SEO services in MN, like Sievers Creative, will advise you to take particular interest in when selecting various aspects for your design. Here are some elements that will make your website SEO-friendly.

Indexable Content

Content is the most paramount part of your website. Search engines must be able to read it to improve your rank. To optimize your content for search, place your valuable content in HTML text format. This makes them easily visible to search engines and displays them to a broad range of clients.

Crawlable Link Structures

For search engine crawlers to browse your website and find all your relevant pages, adding a link structure is essential. The link should be crawlable for the search engines to find their way in your site. Experts recommend making all your content at most three clicks away to make it easy to find for both clients and search engines.

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Keyword Targeting and Usage

Keywords are the building blocks of your website’s language. The whole information retrieval for search engines is in fact based on keywords. You should ensure you use the keywords relevant to your business in your metadata, text, and titles to optimize your page’s ranks. The keywords, however, should be as natural as possible to avoid blacklisting of your page due to “keyword abuse.”

According to research, 90% of clients use major search engines and keywords to find what they are looking for online. Having a presence on search engines is hence vital. Optimizing use of the above building blocks will ensure you rank high on SERPs.