The Design Principles of Successful E-Commerce Websites

E-commerce concept shotSome companies make the mistake that simply creating an e-commerce site will improve their sales. This is not the case; the high converting sites follow certain design principles that set them apart from their competitors.

Experts on website design here in Utah cite the following principles that successful e-commerce websites implement.

Showcases Top Selling Products

The e-commerce sites that perform well are those that showcase their bestsellers. There is a reason visitors buy certain products more often than others. Use this knowledge to your advantage by putting these on the home or landing page.

Customize the content on the pages to highlight the features and advantages of these top selling items. Entice a visitor even more by offering discounts and packages for such offerings.

Makes Recommendations

E-commerce websites that convert at a high rate recommend complementary or even better products for visitors. Not all visitors will purchase the same things; they might look for other features or benefits.

You may have a similar offering already displayed on the home and landing page; make recommendations to related items to convince visitors to buy.

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Easy Checkout Process

Some people abandon their shopping carts because they find the checkout process tedious. Smoothen every step of the sales funnel to convert at a high rate. Make buttons and choice of actions obvious; simplify whenever possible.

Search Column

Some visitors already know what they want to buy from you; these items may not be the best-sellers or any of the products you recommend once they land on a page. Including a search column on your pages allows a visitor with an item in mind to find it easily.

User-Friendly Navigation

Visitors must be able to find what they need quickly and easily; the longer it takes for them to get to where they need to go, the less likely they are to stay. Provide links, enable site-wide searches, navigational bars that direct to certain products and others to create a smooth browsing experience.

These are some of the design principles that successful e-commerce websites use. Follow these to improve your conversion rate and attract more customers.