The Essential Do’s and Don’ts Of Working With Your Multimedia Programmer

Multimedia ProgrammerThe best programmers are those who can deal with a tight schedule and can turn a good idea into a great software program. However, when the client constantly changes their mind or is inadvertently delaying productivity, they will not hesitate to say so. 

So before you get into a heated argument with them, Velpic asks you to consider these suggestions.

DO Tell Them What You Want

Be brief with your descriptions. Don’t expound too much on how it will positively affect a greater number of employees, add to your numbers and reach out to more people. Programmers work on processes and code and will listen only to the steps needed to achieve a goal.

DON’T Tell Them How to Do It

Programmers have studied their craft for years and continue to hone their skills because their industry regularly upgrades. Just like an agriculturist who takes the opinion of a gardener with a grain of salt, the computer programmer will just find your “instructions” extraneous.

DO Critique and Suggest

Once the first draft is submitted, take time to praise the good while criticizing the bad. Keep focused on the notes you’ve provided and work on the details that are immediately resolvable. Bigger issues are sometimes solved just by fixing the small stuff, like font size or even the colour.

DON’T Ignore Their Suggestions

A programmer has studied for years in their field. They also have enough experience to know when something will work or fail. Do not be overly rigid on your expectations with your websites, induction training systems, and other jobs you’ve requested them to do. Let them advise, since they are the experts.

Once you have your plans set, learn to trust your programmer to complete his task. They may take a while before getting back to you but feel free to ask for updates. Meanwhile, being comfortable with each others’ expectations can go a long way for both your companies.