The Issues Between Businesses and Open Source Software

Businessman touching a virtual screen with a red tab labeled Data ManagementOperating an open source software is something many would like to be able to do. Small businesses prefer to use open source software as they are still trying to build their business foundations. Using open source software has many benefits. The best one is that it helps a business save money.

However, there are certain concerns you should consider when you use open source software. Make sure you prepare for any issues these factors bring to your business.


A database holds important information, from usernames, passwords, to contact details. The experts at DBA Services explains that a bigger database holds larger sets of information. Any instance that compromises the system security is a database administrator’s nightmare. If you are using an open source database for your business, it comes with the vulnerabilities of unencrypted protection to sensitive data. Find a DBA consultant to make sure the database architecture is sound and not vulnerable to cyber attacks.


Open source relies on the brains of some of the best software developers worldwide. However, no one pays these software developers to maintain the system. They do so in their own time. If they are busy with more important tasks, they might find it hard to see the maintenance of the system. That leaves you with a system that runs on outdated technology, which instantly makes it more vulnerable.

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An open source system is not all bad. It can work for a small business, especially one that does not tackle a lot of sensitive information. However, these systems often come with limitations, especially in the way they store data. When you use a proprietary database created by your in-house team or designed by a DBA consultant, you know it is tailored to fit the information you need to store. When it comes to open source database administration, however, you will have to fit the mould already set for everyone.

When you use open source software, make sure that it offers you the security you need. Develop techniques and proprietary software measures to help prevent security breaches.