Three Effective Strategies to Make Others Do the Link Building for You

LinksHigh-quality content aside, backlinks are probably the most important ranking factor ever. Nevertheless, having a long list of inbound links would not cut it. The external site linking to your page should be extremely authoritative because, of course, they have already proven their reputation to Google and Bing compared to newly built online estates.

Keep in mind that high-quality links won’t come by easily. You either have to pay to bridge their site to yours, or be at least an established leader in your industry to make other relevant websites link to you.

So what if you’re just starting out?

Link building is taxing, time-consuming, and usually costly—but only when you’re doing most of the work on your own. The trick is to be clever with your strategy to make your link profile grow by itself. Here are some best practices:

Do Creation and Promotion

First, you must create content other people will love to reference. Your pieces should add great value to users, be well written and -researched, and compelling. After you produced link-worthy materials, you should get the word out and give them the attention they deserve.

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Bring Your Brand to Influentials

If you don’t have an extensive network yet, it pays to have an author or organization with a huge following to mention or review your products or services, like the Oprah effect. They may ask for something in return, but using their immense influence to endorse your brand (directly or indirectly) could immediately work wonders.

Leverage Interlinking

Internal link building is a brilliant way to distribute your home page’s significant link juice and help your specific pages generate ample link equity to rank in SERPs. Decide on the best anchor text to use, choose the page to link to it, and ensure the linking page is of high quality.

You can’t be sure, however, that other sites linking to you can cover these elements. That’s why they might even compromise your rankings instead of giving them a boost. According to LinkCleaners, “One bad link in your backlink profile can be a problem, but too many of these poor quality links can compromise your site. Instead of relying on quick patches or masking bad links with high quality ones, link removal services and disavow tools are the best options for your linking problems.”

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Link building could make or break your chances to rank. Always look at the big picture and pay attention to details to make sure your profile comprises high-quality links.