Tips on Increasing Gym Membership Retention

Trainer correcting the client's push up formAre you tired of the never-ending trend where you sign-up four new members only to lose two? For most gyms, retention is a primary concern. Signing up members is one thing; keeping them is another.

As a gym owner, start implementing these gym retention strategies and record a low rate of members that churn.

Go social

You can use social media to boost engagement, increase the sense of community, and increase retention. Sharing updates about your gym and trainers on Facebook and Instagram will boost engagement among your members.

You could also encourage members to share their experiences and achievements. Using social media to post nutrition topics and athletic events will boost your gyms visibility.

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Conduct an exit survey

You can liken this to an exit interview. You put in all the hard work advertising your fitness center, so it only makes sense that you should put a strategy in place to know why your members keep leaving.

Once you identify why your members leave, you will know which areas to improve. In fact, when your gym members know that you take feedback seriously, most will prefer talking to you first to see if you’ll make changes before going to look elsewhere.

Create a sense of community

Most gym members want more than just meeting their fitness goals. They want a place they can connect after a hard day in the office. To create a sense of community, start by getting to know your members, then make them feel included by fostering connections with other gym members.

To build camaraderie, you can organize fitness challenges among all the members such as clean eating and decreasing body fat percentage. You could then recognize and award top performers.

As a rule in business, acquiring new customers is always more expensive than retaining existing ones. The rule is no different for gym owners.