Top Five Highest-Paying Tech Jobs in America in 2016

IT industryThe IT and the tech industry in the United States is one of the wealthiest, next to health care finance. This is because technology is so widespread that it touches almost every aspect of modern life and is increasingly becoming integral to day-to-day business operations across all sectors.

But more than that, IT and tech jobs are the most coveted due to higher salaries, fun work environments, plenty of room for growth, and endless opportunities extending into the future. While there are various employment opportunities in IT, here are five jobs that pay the highest.

IT Manager

IT managers are industry players, innovators, and out-of-the-box thinkers. They facilitate major tech projects and technologies used by public organizations and corporations. notes that this position is the hardest to fill, as there aren’t many IT managers who have enough experience to do the job right – yet because the industry has yet to mature.

Analytics Manager

Analytics managers are those who walk alongside business leaders to gather data that will drive business decisions. They run a gamut of tasks, from managing big data and analytics systems to finding important insights. The median base salary for this role is $106,000, and the number of job openings is continuously expanding.

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Product Managers

Tech industries desperately need innovative product managers, as they play a very important role. They guide the team to produce tech products and act as liaisons between business leaders and product engineers. The job pays really well, and the opportunities are plenty.

Applications Development Manager

As more and more businesses shift to digital and tech solutions, the demand for application development managers increases. There are many developers out there who create amazing, groundbreaking applications for businesses, but they need a manager who can supervise all projects.

Software Architect

Software architects are perhaps the most prized people in the tech industry, especially now that all sectors are integrating software for their business operations. Currently, there are only a handful of people who can design complex computer software, and such a big role deserves a big salary.

A couple of decades back, no one would have probably imagined the IT and tech sectors to be this big. Today, university degrees and training for IT jobs are becoming more popular, as IT and tech innovations continue to impress the general public and make significant contributions to the economy and people’s lives.

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