Top Reasons to Focus on Branding as an SEO Strategy

Digital marketing conceptGoogle and other search engines prefer big name brands over smaller ones — this is a fact. Changing your strategy to fit this reality is a must if you want to get more clicks, better leads, and conversions. One facet to look out for is branding. It is just as important as other online marketing strategies.

Experts from a search engine optimization company in Atlanta like Tully Digital cite the following reasons to build a brand for better SEO.

Changes in SERPs

Google and others have tinkered with their algorithms through the years. Consider the display of snippets and knowledge panels; the latter has overtaken the former in terms of use and significance.

Google wants to answer queries with sourced and gathered content without clicking on a link. Most (if not all) of the information pooled come from big name brands. The development doesn’t bode well for small companies and those looking for organic traffic. Niche branding, therefore, is now more important than ever as a strategy to reach one’s audience.

Reputation Building

Search engines put a premium on links and websites that have a strong reputation within its niche. Branding is at the core of building an identity, relevance, and recognition in the minds of consumers, after all. If you have a strong brand, most people will likely trust you and believe the value proposition you offer. Focusing on a niche and group of people, developing a connection with your audience and producing relevant content are some ways you can create influential brands.

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Brand Recognition Gets More Clicks

This point is similar to the previous one; if your brand is recognizable, potential customers will turn into paying ones, and casual visitors will likely return. Branding allows you to create awareness and recognition among your intended audience. This makes it easier for you to move them down the sales funnel or at least get a click when a results page displays your links.

These are just three of the reasons to focus on branding when you create an SEO strategy. Building a brand allows you to become recognizable not just to search engines, but also to your target market.