Top Strategies for the Best Social Media Marketing Platforms

Social Media MarketingSocial media has been around for some time, and every industry is now using it for their online marketing. The travel and tourism sector has not been left behind, but not all players in the travel industry are reaping the benefits of social media marketing.

This is primarily because of the online marketing strategies and platforms most companies in Australia are using for their campaigns. Social media marketing requires expertise in selecting the right platforms and strategies. Here are the best social media platforms and strategies for the travel and tourism industry.


This is still the most versatile and accessible platform. It attracts clients across all demographics hence has no limit on the campaigns you can promote. Be bold and broad in your Facebook campaigns but still ensure you stand out above your competition. This is the best platform to include your giveaways and promotions to reach a diversified market.


This is a visual platform which you can use to promote images and short videos of your destinations and experiences. Instagram is best-suited for a youthful audience. Let your videos and images be informal and straightforward to keep your Instagram audience captivated since you want to make them exciting and short. This platform also gives you an opportunity to encourage your customers to share their trips, holidays, and adventures. This level of customer engagement also becomes a testimonial.

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This platform comprises a professional and mature audience. You can feature formal articles and establish yourself as the travel industry’s influencer to captivate the audience. Current destinations, relevant travel facts, partnerships and industry data will appeal to the LinkedIn audience.

Professional management of these platforms is the only way to guarantee you reap from your online marketing investment. These strategies will help your travel business reach a broader audience base and higher revenue rates.