Triple Threat: 3 Sanitary Issues Every Restaurant Must Address

H2ORestaurants will never go out of business because people will always have a need for food. For all the thriving restaurants, many factors contribute to their success, such as the food quality, marketing strategy, interior design and ambience, as well as personnel training and service. But, of all these factors, there is one that binds all these together and keeps the restaurant afloat: cleanliness.

Cleanliness is an important aspect of managing a restaurant. It can make or break your business. Customers will stop coming if they are in the slightest doubt of your business’ sanitation procedures. If the restaurant fails to maintain a standard of cleanliness, the business will go down faster than a sinking ship.

Here are three sanitary issues every restaurant needs to take care of.

Food Quality and Preparation

Whether you’re in Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, California, or anywhere else in the States, you have to pay food cleanliness its due. Know where you are sourcing your food supplies such as vegetables, fruits, meat and grain. Invest in clean water or water filtration services from companies like for drinking, cooking and cleaning. Any self-respecting chef knows that the key to a good meal is proper, clean ingredients. Pay attention to this, as even the slightest error can spell disaster. Think about food poisoning, the scandal it will cause, and the legal issues that are sure to follow.

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This does not only cover food, but the preparation as well. Are the kitchen materials clean? Sanitizing the plates, pots, and pans can avoid kitchen contamination.

Interior Cleanliness

Keep the interiors clean. When customers see your restaurant looking like it needs some cleaning, they’ll think twice if dining in will be worth their money. Is the air conditioner dust-free? Are the tables wiped, the floors swept and the comfort rooms sanitized? Is the place free of cockroaches, mice and other disease-carrying pests?

One of the selling points of any restaurant is its ambience and interior. So, always be ready for a visit from a government health inspector.

Personnel Hygiene

Keeping the food and the place clean is one thing, but keeping your crew well-groomed is another. To complete the triad, your staff must also adhere to standards of hygiene. Nothing ruins a customer’s appetite worse than having served food by a waiter looking like he hasn’t bathed in a week.

Train your staff in accordance with hygiene standards. Have them wash their hands before and after handling food. Wear hairnets. Keep fingernails trimmed. Some even go far as requiring their staff to shave facial hair.

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Address these three issues. Neglecting one of them is sure to spell trouble for your restaurant.