UK Dentists Suggest Less Cake Consumption at the Workplace

An Assortment of DessertsIt seems dentists in the UK disapprove of the idea of sharing cakes and sweets in the workplace. Nigel Hunt of the Royal College of Surgeons said that office employees should reduce their consumption of sugary treats while at work, as this contributes to obesity and poor dental health. Even if there is a good reason for sharing sweets, the “cake culture” should end and be replaced with healthy eating habits.

Cultural Changes

Hunt advised workers to cut back on cake consumption and consider other alternative snacks, including fruits and nuts. If there is an occasion, employees should only eat sweets during lunchtime. In case you still have the urge to eat something sugary, it is better to buy in smaller quantities and avoid eating them in between meals. A “sugar schedule” can also help limit sugar intake.

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Sweet Comeback

While reducing cake consumption can be good, the idea drew criticism from employees. Some believe that sending emails out of work should be the focus of cultural changes at offices, instead of targeting sugary food.

The so-called cake culture helps improve workplace morale and indirectly reduce the rate of absenteeism among employees. Employers, however, have the discretion of implementing a policy about bringing certain food types at office premises.

Cakes and sugary treats definitely affect your dental health, whether you eat them at home or in the office. The Royal College of Surgeons has a good intention for suggesting reduced consumption of cakes and other sweets, but it is up to the employees and their employers to decide.