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Understanding Link Building Basics
Posted on 11th February 2017

SEOLink building is the process of obtaining external web pages to link to one of your pages. It’s among the many strategies used in search engine optimization (SEO). The problem is link building is a time-consuming and complicated process, as not all links are made equal.

For instance, a link from Reader’s Digest (an authoritative website) would make a bigger impact on search engine result pages than a recently built website. However, high-quality links are somewhat difficult to come by.

Is Link Building That Important?

Put simply, it’s that important. Even Google considers it a major factor when ranking web pages.

To illustrate, let’s say you have a website that sells women’s pajamas. The catch is you’re only one of the thousands of websites that also sells women’s pajamas. Among the factors that Google takes into account when deciding how to rank web pages are:

  • the popularity of a link
  • the authority and trust of linking web pages
  • the content optimization and SEO of the linking sites
  • the anchor text of those links.

Remember that you could make your content rank higher for your targeted keywords if you could get links that have all the qualities Google is looking for.

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How Do You Do Link Building?

  • Creating and Promoting Content – Produce compelling and relevant content that websites and users would want to link, share, and reference, and then promote it.
  • Submissions – Depending on your piece of content, you could submit your website to relevant directories and news pieces to press releases, among others.
  • Mentions and Reviews – Place your website, services, or products in front of influencers and authoritative sites relevant to your niche.
  • Links from Partners and Friends/Colleagues – Get these to link to your website.

Does Link Building Work?

Building quality content and links from relevant and authoritative parties take a long time and require a certain skillset. Likewise, according to and other SEO specialists and resellers, you’ll also be dependent on websites you have no control over. You won’t have a say in the linking quality, how they speak about your service or product, as well as the particular web pages they link to on your website, if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Although link building isn’t as easy, once you land those most coveted links, you’ll reap its rewards — high-converting and relevant search engine traffic that result in boosted leads and sales.

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