Unlock the Potential of Omni-Channel Retailing

Potential of Omni-Channel RetailingCustomers have a myriad of options whether they are out shopping around town or browsing for deals online. The competition is tight, so you have to find new ways to differentiate your business from everyone else. More and more people are becoming omni-channel shoppers, which means they access stores and make purchases using their mobile phones.

With this technology, current and prospective customers want more from their retailers. Provide your target market with a seamless experience by unlocking the potential of omni-channel retailing.

Seamless Experience

A seamless and fluid response to consumer needs and activities creates a richer and deeper shopping experience. Customers have several channels to choose from such as email, Web, social media and in-store. Businesses that successfully integrate multiple channels are typically more competent and fare better.

FluentRetail.com shares that the company that develops an engaging in-store experience using data-driven consumer intelligence and insights will attract a larger market.

Take for example a customer who loyally buys shirts from your store, but does not get jeans. What is that person’s purchase habits? Understanding that behaviour is a marketing opportunity for your business. If you provide that shopper with a personalised coupon, will it change their mind? Eliminating an additional trip to your store or another is a win-win situation for both sides.

Data Integration

Data-driven initiatives to make decisions can be game-changing. This allows you to customise how a prospective shopper experiences your store. Empower customer-facing personnel with real-time data to allow them to make better recommendations when they entertain walk-ins. Develop in-store promotions using localised purchase sentiments and behaviour.

Using data enables you to understand who your customers are and how to reach them effectively. This produces better results and allows you to create products or services that meet consumer demand.

Multiple Channels with One Brand

A customer experiences a brand and not the channel you use. Successful companies understand and respond to that truth by personalising customer experiences across multiple channels. The message you convey about who you are and what you offer must be relevant and consistent regardless of the medium.

Both your customers and salespeople must have access to product information across all platforms and devices. The quality of the service you offer on all touch points will either lead to a purchase or a customer looking elsewhere.

To fully realise the potential of omni-channel retailing, create a consistent and relevant brand that your target market can connect with.