Updated and Improved SEO Strategies for Better Ranking

SEO in Perth Search engine optimisation is considered as one of the most versatile strategies for online marketing. Even during the several times the naysayers say that the field is dead with the rise of new online marketing platforms, it comes back with new techniques that make it more effective. Here are some of such new techniques and strategies used by SEO company in Perth.

1. Optimise for mobile searching

As you might already know, the number of mobile devices and mobile users has significantly gone up in the last few years. This means that accessing the Internet from these devices has also grown a lot.

To tap into this new market, though, you need to be aware of the various considerations. For instance, the small screen size found in your mobile devices means that your site’s regular layout might not be the best one. For that, you have to come up with an adaptive site design that allows it to be displayed in both desktop and mobile formats.

2. Give more boost to your pages in Page 2 or 3 of the rankings

When you optimise your site, you often give priority to the most important pages like the homepage and the main pages to get them in the first page of the search results. However, this leaves the other pages languishing further below.

While optimising these pages is a good idea, it can become tedious work. A simple trick to go around this is by sending some traffic to them. This is done by putting internal links on your high-ranking pages that direct to the low-ranking ones. Although you need to make sure that these are enticing to be more effective.

3. Don’t forget about social media

Aside from the advent of mobile devices, the growth of social media is definitely the biggest change in the internet landscape in recent years. Take advantage of it by being active on such social media sites as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. However, choosing the appropriate channels must be the first approach for your efforts to be effective.

Digitise My Business also stresses the importance of analytics and metrics to measure the results of your efforts. So, make sure that the experts you get can provide you with these.

SEO is never outdated. Yes, there may be new marketing strategies introduced every time and they can as well be effective. However, like those strategies, SEO continuously comes up with fresh ideas and techniques and if used appropriately, can do amazing results for your website.