Utah Cities Unite for Public Safety

Public Safety Campaign in Salt Lake CityThe number of crimes happening in the US every day, make many citizens question the government’s public safety measures. Typical police response to a shooting or even just a mugging incident are almost certainly too late, but it’s not entirely the fault of the police force and majority of Utah cities understand this fact very well.

A Compelling Proposal to Re-compute Property Tax Hikes

Utah cities and schools have recently pleaded for a tax increase to renew public safety. Their urgent goal is to increase police response by using public safety software, like eFORCE Software, which is an online system that helps the law enforcement personnel to attend to matters faster and with higher accuracy.

At a Cost

While the integration of a more responsive security sounds nothing but the utter victory for every Utahans, the approval of the tax hike is a double-edged sword. If the proposals are approved, the residents will have to sacrifice millions more for government fees. The Utah Taxpayers Association says it’s looking to increase their levies on taxpayers.

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Supporters and Proposers

Bill Hesterman of the Utah Taxpayers Association exclaims, “I think that every city has something in the budget that could be cut. There’s always certain projects or certain things that get funded that might be nice but aren’t necessary.” Entities that joined hands to move the proposal include six cities and school districts in Davis County, seven in Utah, and five in Salt Lake County, KSL reports.

Other Application of the Proposed Taxes

Many police officers, just like in Ogden are soon leaving their law enforcement posts to seek new careers that can offer better-paying jobs. But, hopefully, the approval of taxes can cancel out this trend and renew the system statewide.

Public safety is an often neglected part of any community, but it shouldn’t be.